Easy installation for SIBCOIN Masternode
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Sibcoin Masternode Installation script by Rux v17.0

Buy Virtual Private Server (VPS 1GB ram and 1CPU) i recommend Vultr https://www.vultr.com/?ref=8475652-6G

Login to your VPS with SSH (putty,termius)

Use git clone command to clone this repo

git clone https://git.crypto.ba/rux/sibnode.git

Make .sh script executable

chmod +x sibinstall.sh

Run install script

sudo ./sibinstall.sh

Follow instructions, prepare console on local SIBcoin wallet (windows/linux)

After everything is done, script will switch you to sibcoin user

Type cd, then

watch ./sibcoin-cli getinfo

(here you can watch blockchain sync progress, after its synced press ctrl+c to exit)


watch ./sibcoin-cli mnsync status

(here you can watch Masternode sync progress, after all values are “true” press ctrl+c to exit)

On local wallet open “Tools - Masternode configuration file” and paste command that you get on last step from script sample: mn_D4pXlm 5J76gSnWhnyZeKLesV3RsMnUs4DFSdiBX5oibCJtteHRR923u1Y INPUTTX INPUTINDEX

INPUTTX = TXID from initial 4000 SIB that you sent

INPUTINDEX = 0 or 1 (check this with command in console “masternode outputs”)

Save masternode.conf file, then restart your wallet, and let it sync.

Start your masternode from Localwallet

Go to SSH and type ./sibcoin-cli masternode status

If it says “Masternode succsesfully started” then you are good to go!